Chart of Accounts and Analysis Faciiliites

SunSystems - Chart of Accounts and Analysis Facilities

Chart of Accounts and Analysis Facilities

Powerful Account Coding and Analysis Facilities.

Introducing the Chart of Accounts and Analysis Facilities

SunSystems Financials provides powerful account coding and analysis facilities that enable you to meet all of your financial and management information and reporting requirements.

It is important that you understand how SunSystems Financials uses the chart of accounts and analysis codes to analyze your financial data. This section briefly describes these facilities and subsequent help topics describe them in more detail. 

Chart of Accounts

Every transaction that enters SunSystems Financials must be posted to a ledger account which is identified by a chart of accounts (account) code. The chart of accounts codes are the foundation for your financial reporting. A ledger account will exist for each type of expense, revenue, asset and liability you need to account for and report on. Each ledger account is identified by a 15 character code. Financials operates as a single integrated ledger, this means that separate ledger accounts are also held for each supplier and customer. You do not need to maintain and reconcile debtor/receivables or creditor/payables control accounts.

Extended Analysis

Extended Analysis are extension fields added to analysis codes, which are optional and user definable so that you can store and use extra attributes on analysis codes. It allows you to store additional information directly on an analysis code, where the analysis code represents a particular static data item. Analysis codes with extension fields can be used to define non-existent data items in SunSystems. For example you can define analysis codes based on locations and location details. Alternatively, extended analysis can be used to define supplementary properties for the static data items of which the existing fields provided are not sufficient, or do not meet requirements on the static data record. Analysis dimensions enable analysis codes from existing analysis tables to be populated by linking analysis dimensions to equivalent analysis tables. However, these analysis codes hold limited information other than Code, Name, Status, Lookup Code and Data Access Group Code. Extension fields are therefore used to enable you to include other data fields, as well as analysis information of static data items on analysis codes populated from analysis table codes.

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